2-Point Direct Coupled Actuator: Spring Return: 24Vac/dc: 10Nm

2-Point Direct Coupled Actuator: Spring Return: 24Vac/dc: 10Nm: 45s: 2 Aux Switches
Manufacturer: Trend
Product Code: S1024-2POS-SW2
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 6 - 8 Weeks
Honeywell Damper ACtuator provide modulating/floating control for air dampers, VAV units, air handlers, Ventilation flaps, louvers, and reliable control for air damper applications. These actuators are direct coupled 10/20Nm, SmartAct Springreturn.

Maximum Return Timing20second (time unit)
Supply Voltage24voltage direct current
Spring ReturnYes
Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature-40degree Fahrenheit
Angle of Rotation95° ± 3
Mounting TypeDirect
BrandHoneywell BMS EMEA
Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature60degree Fahrenheit
Damper Area1.5 m²
Driving Power Consumption5volt amp
Stall Torque88pound-force per square inch
Driving Noise Rating40 dB
Operating Torque10newton meter
Holding Power Consumption14volt amp
Control Signal2-Position
Maximum Operating Humidity95 (Non-condensing)percentage relative humidity
Runtime20second (time unit)
Actuator TypeDamper
Minimum Operating Humidity5 (Non-condensing)percentage relative humidity
Position Indicator TypeRotational Angle Scales
Supply Voltage Frequency50/60hertz
Number of End Switches2

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Trend Damper actuator 5/10 Nm, SmartAct Direct-coupled actuators for air dampers, ventilation flaps, louvers, and VAV-units. Protection class: IP54 End switch function/capacity: SPDT switch 230 V, 5(3) A for models with end switch