200kW 2 Pole IE3 Cast Iron Motor

AM3-IE3 315LX2 200kW 2 Pole 380/420-660/720V B3
Manufacturer: Amtecs
Product Code: AM3-IE3 315LX2 200kW 2P
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 3 - 5 days
£6,990.53 excl vat

AM3-IE3 Cast Iron motor

AmTecs range of cast iron IE3 premium efficiency motors (with cast feet for foot mounted designs) is suitable for many different standard and heavy duty industrial applications, including compressors, pump, fans and conveyers. The cast iron design has fixed feet making it's design ideal for high vibration and rugged environments such as quarries as well as standard manufacturing and building service industries. IE3 is AmTecs Premium energy saving motor.

IE3 = Premium Efficiency

  • Power range 0..75kW - 355kW.
  • Availiable in 3000rpm (2 pole), 1500rpm (4 pole), 1000rpm (6 pole), 750rpm (8 pole).
  • Cast-Iron three-phase squirrel cage induction motors according to IEC 60034-1.
  • Foot mounted with fixed fieet.
  • Standard Voltage ranges 220-240/380-420V or 380-420/660-720V, 50Hz.
  • Insulation class F, Class B Temperature rise.
  • Protection IP55.
  • Colour RAL 5010.
  • Re-greasable bearings 160 frame and above.
  • Thermistors as standard.
  • Mounting IM B3, B5, B35.
POWER:200kW (270HP)
SPEED:2-Pole (3000 rpm)
TYPE:Cast Iron