Slide Base 90-112 Frame (307mm)

Slide Base 90-112 Frame (307mm)
Manufacturer: Amtecs
Product Code: SB90/112
Delivery date: 5 - 7 days
£79.06 excl vat


Motor Slide Bases offered from the Amtecs product range have been extended for use with motors up to frame size 280 (90 kw).

For optimum choice to both designer and user we offer the standard twin-plate slide base type (SB) for motor frames 63 to 132.

Where excessive drive torque's are required we offer the slightly more robust Mono Plate Base (SPB) in a range to suit frames 90 to 280.

Both ranges are specifically designed for extreme drive loads and all sizes are manufactured without welding in heavy gauge pre slotted galvanised steel thus offering through design maximum resistance to corrosion.

For offshore and special process applications all bases can be supplied to special order coated or manufactured in Stainless Steel.

What are Slide Bases used for?

Motor Slide Bases are used on fans, conveyors and any other processes that involve belt tightening. Due to varying temperatures and belt strength, the tightness of the belt must be adjusted to keep machinery running at its maximum efficiency. Even the most experienced engineers can take up to an hour adjusting motor slide rails. The "Quick-Fit" and "Mono-Plate" range supplied by Amtecs means that belts can be easily adjusted in a matter of minutes, irrespective of engineering experience.

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