ABBCO VCD Dampers Axion

ABBCO VCD Manual Dampers Axion
Manufacturer: Abbco
Product Code: AXIONDMPRS
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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1off - 600w  x 600h obd vcd manual

1off - 800w  x 800h obd vcd manual

1off - 1500w x 600h od vcd manual

As these dampers are bespoke, returns and refunds cannot be accepted once purchased and delivered.


The ABBCO range of duct volume control dampers has been designed to give exacting control through air handling systems.

Low profile aluminium aerofoil blades ensure good aerodynamic characteristics for quiet operation and minimum pressure drops. All blades incorporate and edge seal to give an ‘air seal’ performance as standard. Blades are interlocking and operate through a nylon geared drive which can be used with manual, electric or pneumatic controls.


Lightweight and robust construction

Low profile interlocking aerofoil aluminium blades

Edge seal through length of each blade as standard

Smooth positive opposed blade operation

Flanged or spigot connections

Flanged versions with universal corner hole fixings

Manual, electric or pneumatic control options

Competitively priced and short delivery

All components manufactured and assembled in the UK

Low Profile Edge Seals

Low profile interlocking aerofoil aluminium blades, with edge seals throughout the length of each blade as standard.