ADH G2E4-0280 LG +FL+P1 SP

Belt driven centrifugal fans - ADH G2E4-0280 LG +FL+P1 SP
Product Code: SP000657
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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The standard series are designed for permanent ventilation at up to +80 °C resp. +100 °C. The specifications conform to accuracy class 2 according to DIN 24166.

ADH E and ADH G2E series

  • Sizes 0160 up to 0560
  • Scroll of galvanised sheet steel with standing seam
  • Straight cut off
  • New cylindrical impeller with forward-curved blade geometry
  • Galvanised shaft
  • Volume up to 120.000 m³/h
  • Pressure up to 2.200 Pa