M7410E2026 (AL0206-P-K) Small Modulating Linear Valve Actuator

Manufacturer: Trend
Product Code: M7410E2026
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd


The Trend AL0206-P-K actuator is specifically designed to provide modulating control together with the V582, V583, and V584 series of small linear valves.

The AL0206-P-K is used in fan coil units, induction units, small reheaters and recoolers, and for zone control applications. It is employed in electronic temperature control systems with hot and/or cold water as the controlled medium. This actuator is fully compatible with all controllers providing 0...10 V or 2...10 V output signals.

The AL0206-P-K actuator is designed for applications where space is limited and minimum power consumption is required. A microprocessor-based, high-performance positioner guarantees accurate control.

Reliable longtime operation is ensured due to the fact that no mechanical feedback potentiometer and no mechanical endswitches are needed. Due to an automatic synchronization function, the close-off point is self-adjusting.

Based on a running time of 150 s, valve positioning and flow adjustment is very exact. Manual positioning is provided.

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