AMA3-IE3 112M4 4kW 4 Pole 380/420-660/720V B3

Manufacturer: Amtecs
Product Code: 28134400HC
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 5 - 7 days

AMA3-IE3 112M4 4kW 4 Pole 380/420-660/720V B3

AMA3-IE3 Aluminium multi-mount motor

This range of aluminium multi-mount motors are suitable for many different industrial applications, including fans and pumps. The multi-mount design enables the feet to be removed or moved to provide left, right or top terminal box configurations.

IE3 = Premium Efficiency

  • Power range 0.75kW - 18.5kW.
  • Available in 3000rpm (2 pole), 1500rpm (4 pole), 1000rpm (6 pole), 750rpm (8 pole).
  • Aluminium three-phase squirrel cage induction motors according to IEC 60034-1.
  • Multi-mount design, with removable feet.
  • Standard Voltage ranges 220-240/380-420V or 380-420/660-720V, 50Hz.
  • Insulation class F, Class B Temperature rise.
  • Protection IP55.
  • Colour RAL 5010.
  • Cast-iron drive end shield frame 100 and above.
  • Thermistors as standard.
  • Mounting IM B3, B5, B14S, B34L, B35, B34S, B34L, B5R.
  • Flange motors B14 small & large available up to and including size IEC 132.

POWER:4.0kW (5.5HP)
SPEED:4-Pole (1500 rpm)
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