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EMX-P10 Thermal Wheel Controller

Product Code: EMX-P10
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd

The EMX-P10 is a control unit which is specially adapted for speed regulation of rotary heat exchangers. A motor with gear and tachometer from Panasonic or Oriental Motor are intended to be connected to the control unit, with outputs of 25 or 40 W (max 0.7A).

The control unit has integrated motor capacitors of 1.5 µF or 2.3 µF, for 25 respectively 40 W motors. (External motor capacitors can also be used).

EMX-P10 has a number of functions which make the control unit fully suited to its task:

• No fine adjustment is required.
• All control inputs are isolated from the mains.
• Accepts most of the control signals on the market.
• The direction of rotation of the motor is reversible.
• Protection class IP54 or IP00.

Instruction manual.pdf