DDMP 07-07 1F 1100W M6A0 DA5

DDMP 07-07 1F 1100W M6A0 DA5
Manufacturer: Nicotra
Product Code: 6DA0033ZZ0000000
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 3 - 5 days


1No. DDMP 07-07 1F 1100W M6A0 DA5

1No. FLANGE AT 07-07 - LOOSE


High performance centrifugal fan DDMP

Double width, double inlet (DWDI), direct drive, forward curved blades fan. Lap-jointed scroll made of galvanized steel (EN 10142), assembled through a high-technology roller-locked seaming. Straight cut off plate at fan discharge. Impeller with forward curved blades of galvanized steel plate, directly mounted on a brushless, permanent magnets, external rotor motor, without transmission losses, dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940-11. The driver is a separate unit, connected to the fan motor, to power supply and to the control system with quick-connection plugs, ready for operation, without further configuration. Driver directly installed on the scroll, and factory-configured, for a plug and play solution: no further configuration is needed. Continuous speed control of the Drive System by 0 ... 10 V analogue signal, or with Modbus RS485-compliant interface. The complete drive system is in protection class IP 54. Power supply 230V – 50/60 Hz. Air performance ratings according to AMCA 210-07 (Fig. 12) and ISO 5801 (Fig. 69 c and par. 30.2 f).

Technical data of the fan: DDMP 7/7 M6A0 DA5 230V-1F                                                      fulfills the ErP requirements 2015


Value Dimension

Specified duty point

Actual duty point

Installation acc. DIN 24163 Part 1


Reference density (Rho1)

1.20 kg/m³

Medium temperature (t)

20 C

Fan weight

9 kg

This duty point can only be reached by using an inverter/controller for motor speed control!

Rated data


1~230-50/60 V-Hz

Rated motor current (IN)


operational limits

Max. absorbed  power (P1max)

1.074 kW

Temperature range of conveying medium (tmin ...tmax)

-20...40 C

ErP-Data at best efficiency and density - kg/m^3

measurement- / efficiency category

B / total

design status of VSD

VSD is integrated

overall efficiency (ETAopt)

53.2 %

achieved efficiency grade (Nist)


required efficiency grade in 2013 / 2015 (N)

42 / 49

Air flow rate (Vopt)

2007 m³/h

pressure rise (dpopt)

623 Pa

Fan speed (nvopt)

1998 min-1

motor power input (P1opt)

0.652 kW

specific ratio (ddpopt)