DDMP 12-12 1F 1800W M6A4 DA8

DDMP 12-12 1F 1800W M6A4 DA8
Manufacturer: Nicotra
Product Code: 6DB0088ZZ0000000
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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1No. DDMP 12-12 1F 1800W M6A4 DA8

High performance centrifugal fan DDMP

Double width, double inlet (DWDI), direct drive, forward curved blades fan. Lap-jointed scroll made of galvanized steel (EN 10142), assembled through a high-technology roller-locked seaming. Straight cut off plate at fan discharge. Impeller with forward curved blades of galvanized steel plate, directly mounted on a brushless, permanent magnets, external rotor motor, without transmission losses, dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940-11. High efficient 2 kW single-phase driver sensor-less algorithm with integrated active PFC and thermal derating protection. Driver directly installed on the scroll, and factory-configured, for a plug and play solution: no further configuration is needed. Continuous speed control of the Drive System by 0 ... 10 V analogue signal, or with Modbus RS485-compliant interface. The complete drive system is in protection class IP 54. Power supply 230V – 50/60 Hz. Air performance ratings according to AMCA 210-07 (Fig. 12) and ISO 5801 (Fig. 69 c and par. 30.2 f).

Integrated efficiency advantage

The EC-motor operates without slip losses and thus consumes significantly less power than conventional AC motors.

Important: This applies for all speeds, i.e. even in partial-load operation! The EC-motor therefore uses less power than the AC motor under all operating conditions and has a significantly higher level of drive system (motor and control) efficiency.

Energy saving concept

  • New high efficiency EC-motor
  • New compact and streamlined motor design
  • High intensity neodymium magnets
  • No obstruction of intake due to build-on control unit - less aerodynamic losses

General Features

  • Sensorless control
  • Simple installation due to plug and play
  • IP 54 for complete drive
  • Designed for double inlet fans


  • Analogue interface for speed control
  • Full MODBUS interface compliancy

High efficiency direct driven centrifugal fan

  • Integrated solution
  • Top rating efficiency
  • Plug and play operation
  • No configuration needed
  • Low sound level
  • High reliability