Duct Engineering Damper QSERVICE

Duct Engineering Damper QSERVICE
Manufacturer: Duct Engineering
Product Code: QSDAMPER
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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Delivery date: 3 - 4 Weeks


1.5mm galvanized mild steel welded flanged casing 125x40x13

1.5mm galvanized mild steel single skin fully interlocking opposed blades

12mm square stainless steel tubular spindles

2-part oilite Bushes

External stainless steel blade interconnection linkage

C/w extended 12mm square spindle to suit fitment of actuator.

Powder coated finish colour code to be confirmed by customer.

Overall dimensions

1off      630mmW x 1120mmH (1 module/1 drive)

1off      750mmW x 650mmH (1 module/1 drive)

1off      630mmW x 700mmH (1 module/1 drive)

1off      820mmW x 1100mmH (1 module/1 drive)

1off      850mmW x 750mmH (1 module/1 drive)

1off      750mmW x 820mmH (1 module/1 drive)

1off      680mmW x 620mmH (1 module/1 drive)

As these dampers are bespoke, returns and refunds cannot be accepted once purchased and delivered.