Dwyer Model A-286 Magnehelic Gage Panel Mounting Flange

Flange for Panel Mounting 4-1/2" Diameter Gages
Manufacturer: Dwyer
Product Code: A-286
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 7 To 15 Working days

Flange for Panel Mounting 4-1/2" Diameter Gages

The A-286 Magnehelic Gage Panel Mounting Flange can be used on any Dwyer Instruments, Inc. gage that possesses a 4-1/2" (115 mm) diameter housing. The flange is secured to the gage behind its bezel with three set screws. The set screws hold the gage tight in place. The gage/flange can then be quickly attached to a surface or panel with a drill and the supplied mounting screws. The flange's three mounting holes follow the industry standard mounting pattern. The flange is made of a robust plastic composite and comes with three pre-installed set screws, an Allen wrench for tightening and three flange mounting screws.

Included Accessories:
(3) Pre-installed metal set screws
(3) Mounting screws
(1) Allen wrench
(1) Instruction manual with mounting template

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