Direct-Coupled Damper Actuator: Non-Spring Return: 24V AC/V DC: 10Nm: Floating + 2 Position Control: 2 End Switch
Manufacturer: Trend
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Product Code: CLRNCN1024-SW2
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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Damper Actuator 10NM 24V Raise / Lower with End Switches Datasheet EN0B-0477GE51 R0408

Non-Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuator provides floating and two-position control for air dampers, VAV units, and air dampers.

Features & Benefits:
  • Declutch for manual adjustment
  • Adjustable mechanical end limits
  • Removable access cover for direct wiring
  • Mountable in any orientation
  • Rotation direction and service/OFF switch
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