IQVIEW-4-S 4.3” HTML5 HMI display
Manufacturer: Trend
Product Code: IQVIEW-4-S
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 5 - 7 days


The IQVIEW Single Controller Display (SCD) for IQ4 provides an interface to an IQ4 controller. It enables the user to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms, adjust controller parameters, and display graphs of logged data. It comprises two parts, Application & Display.

 Application: The application provides all the functionality and is hosted in an IQ4 controller. It is accessed using a web browser from an IQVIEW-4-S Display, or 3rd party display over Ethernet.

 Display: The Display accesses the application over Ethernet. You can use either the IQVIEW-4-S Display available with a licence for the application or you can use a 3rd Party display



IQVIEW SCD for IQ4 Application

  • Viewing of inputs, outputs, directories, alarms, plots
  • Adjustment of knobs, switches, time zones, and time
  • Graphing of logged data
  • Security features to restrict access
  • Accessed using web browser over Ethernet IQVIEW-4-S Display
  • Panel or wall mounting
  • 4.3” / 480x272 / WVGA 16:9 display
  • Dimmable LED backlight.
  • Resistive touchscreen
  • Integrated Ethernet interface ▪ IP66 rating from front
  • 24 Vdc SELV (safety extra low voltage) operation
  • Washable front panel
  • Includes application licence for one IQ4 controller.