Our Sister company ECE UK LTD can manufacture and deliver all your AHU panel & door needs.

  • Double sided, nominal 25 or 50mm thick. Other sizes available on request.
  • Thermal & Acoustic as standard is 100kg/m³ mineral wool.
  • Plasterboard & mineral wool combination also available.
  • Materials of both Panel/Door can be GSS self finish, Plastic coated GSS (Goosewing Grey 10A05 as standard) or Stainless steel depending on the application.
  • Doors can be pre fitted with hinges & locks where required.
  • Portholes available.
  • Maximum panel size would be 2350mm high x 1010mm wide.

Please email your enquiry/requests to or call 01634 961849 for a free quotation.

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Fusion Fab 6 AHU Panels


Imperial College Panels

Imperial College Panels

3 AHU Doors 25D

3 AHU Doors 25D

3 AHU Doors 50D

3 AHU Doors 50D

Climatec Engineering Panels


NGL UK Ltd 1570mm x 960mm x 25mm AHU Door

NGL UK Ltd 1570mm x 960mm x 25mm AHU Door, Goosewing Grey Plastisol Coated Steel Inner and Outer Skin Material and Rockwall Insulation