PFP A3-0280 3F 1400W M6M8

PFP A3-0280 3F 1400W M6M8
Manufacturer: Nicotra
Product Code: 6PE0035ZZ0000000
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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Direct driven high-performance centrifugal fan PFP

Complete plug fan module with high system efficiency, provided with front panel and supporting frame, suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, specifically developed and optimized for use without a scroll case. Equipped with flow measuring device IMV as a standard feature. Aluminium-made centrifugal impeller with 7 backward inclined welded blades. The wheel is directly fitted to a brushless external-rotor motor, with no transmission losses. The complete unit is dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940-11. Light-weight motor frame cast from corrosion-resistant aluminium. A three-phase sensorless driver is fully integrated into the motor. Continuous speed control of the Drive System by 0 ... 10 V analogue signal, or with Modbus RS485-compliant interface. All the drive system is protected according to class IP 54. Power supply 400 V – 50/60 Hz.  Air performance ratings according to AMCA 210-07 (Fig. 12) and ISO 5801:2007 (Fig. 41 and par. 30.3).

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