PFP B3-0560 3F 5600W M6K7 BQE+P4+SLF

PFP B3-0560 3F 5600W M6K7 BQE+P4+SLF
Manufacturer: Nicotra
Product Code: 6PD013BZZ0001800
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: If in stock 2 weeks otherwise 4-8 weeks to mainland uk only excluding northern ireland

Direct driven high-performance centrifugal fan PFP

Motorized impeller with high system efficiency, with matching inlet nozzle, loose, suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, specifically developed and optimized for use without a scroll case. Equipped with flow measuring device IMV as a standard feature. Aluminium-made centrifugal impeller with 7 backward inclined welded blades. The wheel is directly fitted to a brushless external-rotor motor, with no transmission losses. The complete unit is dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940. Light-weight motor frame cast from corrosion-resistant aluminium.

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