RDM 3E-4556-BI-UW-L+FI

RDM 3E-4556-BI-UW-L+FI
Manufacturer: Nicotra
Product Code: RDM3E4556BIUWL00
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 5 - 7 days

Product Description

In wins acceptance as a result of its expressive design, its corrosion-resistant aluminium housing and the multiplicity of technical refinements it embodies. Even more astounding is the price of this high performance extract unit. Quality does not have to be expensive: Save money on your first acquisition, operation, assembly and maintenance through:

  • an extremely high quality basic version without low surcharge heat loss
  • long periods of mainenance-free operation
  • simply assembly which does not require special tools
  • simple swivelling out of the housing

Product Benefits

The research and development department at Nicotra Gebhardt is known for their sophisticated ideas. A good example is the genovent®, which is full of extraordinary solutions – without asking for extra cost:

  • The genovent® can be fitted as easily as plug&play - even when exchanging an existing unit
  • The intelligent design of the genovent® makes it possible to open the fan in a most simple and cost-saving manner: unscrew and ready!
  • The back draught dampers protect the fan from intruding snow or rain, and prevents unnecessary heat losses of the duct system. This is built in, no extra backdraught damper need to be provided
  • A considerable throw of the vertically discharging genovent® is preventing the roof from dirt deposits and airflow short circuits
  • The integrated sound-absorbing lining for RDA 32 and RDME 32 is reducing the sound level
  • A flexible and precise targeting of the required duty point reduces energy consumption. As an option, we offer energy-efficient solutions through voltage-controlled or multi-speed motors, through additional frequency inverters or even through energy-saving brushless DC motors
  • genovent® roof fans are also available in ATEX execution acc. to category 3G

RDM 31/32, RDA 32

  • with IEC standard motor
  • flow rate up to 47,000 m³/h