RLM E6-5663-43-23-N 630 PLUG FAN, 4 POLE 7.5kW, IE3 MOTOR

RLM E6-5663-43-23-N 630 PLUG FAN, 4 POLE 7.5kW, IE3 MOTOR
Manufacturer: Nicotra
Product Code: RLME656634323N00
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
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1No. RLM E6-5663-43-23-N

Unparalleled system efficiency for plug fans:

The Evo series sets a new standard in efficiency. No other plug fan reaches higher system efficiency.

Innovative blade and impeller shaped for highest efficiencies

The entire shape of the impeller was optimised using a real turbulence profile for the blades. This ensures that the impeller reaches as yet unparalleled high efficiency and takes the top position in aerodynamics.

Optimal pressure and turbulence conditions

The redesigned impeller shape makes optimal pressure and minimised turbulence conditions in the impeller possible. The inclined leading edge of the blade builds pressure more evenly minimising entry and exit losses.

Much quieter

Thanks to their new design the blades and the impeller run with less noise. The entire fan is thus much quieter.

Easy to integrate

Despite their improved performance figures, the Evo series have the same external dimensions and significant operational data as earlier generations of plug fans. They can therefore be easily and quickly exchanged in existing systems or integrated in available machine concepts.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the construction method and direct drive the Evo series is practically maintenancefree.

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