21800F00 - THLZ FF 180 With Accessories
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Double Inlet Centrifugal Fan with Glass Reinforced Polyamid Wheel, with ForeFinger ®.

Comefri's THLZ serie is optimally engineered for HVAC applications, high quality, compact design, high efficiency, low power consumption.

The Forefinger ® is an innovative device fully developed and engineered by the Aeraulic and Acoustic Test Lab of Comefri.
The principle is to exploit the air swirls, always present inside a fan housing.
As well known, the recirculation of the air streams inside the fan housing is a major source of losses, decreasing the fan efficiency and increasing fan’s noise.
This device, called Forefinger ®, is actively readdressing this air recirculation to the outlet, with a systematic enhancement of the performances, both aeraulic and acoustic.


Outlet Flange

Outlet Flexible Connection

Mounting Feet

THLZ FF 180 Fan

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