Wallbus Temperature Sensor with HMI

RD-WMB-T Wallbus Temperature Sensor HMI with Monochrome Display
Manufacturer: Trend
Product Code: RD-WMB-T
Vendor: ECE UK Ltd
Delivery date: 5 - 7 days


The RS-WMB and RD-WMB series of room sensors and displays are designed for mounting on a standard electrical back box. They include a temperature sensor with versions which also include humidity and CO2 sensors. The RD-WMB has a monochrome backlit LCD display with setpoint, override, and fan speed control.

They are designed to operate with Trend IQ4 and IQeco controllers. They connect to the controller by a two wire polarity independent wall bus which carries both data and power.


▪ Single power/data connection to controller reduces wiring

▪ Temperature sensing plus versions with humidity and/or CO2

▪ Temperature and humidity versions also output dew point

▪ Operates in either °C or °F RD only ▪ Backlit LCD display with fan speed, occupancy, temperature, humidity, CO2 , and setpoint displays

▪ Setpoint, fan speed, and occupancy override controls. ▪ Display of Outside Air Temperature value from controller

Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature0degree Celsius
Humidity Sensor Range0 ... 90 %rh
Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature50degree Celsius
Setpoint DeviceDigital
Mounting TypeInternal Wall